Engaged in Mexico :)

Mandeep and I just got back from a great vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. My old friends John and Licia, with their 1 yr old son Cypress were there to greet us. Hikes and morning runs were had. Covered 360km on a bike (thanks @Orucase!) including an overnight ride to Sayulita with Mandeep and a ridiculous 133km ride featuring 2600 meters of climbing in absolutely scorching heat (thanks Clarence @PuertoVallartaCycling!). Vallarta Pride was in full effect and the city of Vallarta was vibrant and energized. The food was top notch, and beer and tequila flowed.

But the absolute highlight was Mandeep’s birthday, celebrated with a day long boat ride, multiple snorkeling stops, an afternoon at the remote town of Yelapa, accessible only by water, a waterfall hike, and at the end… A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL!

Many months of planning culminated in a cheeky stop-off on the ride back home. The boat dropped us off at the mouth of a grotto, where we jumped in, snorkeled our way past coral and sea urchins, and found ourselves in a secluded cave. A ring was presented, she said yes, and we celebrated…

What an adventure, and keeps getting better every day!


Welcome to Vallarta


Hike to Colomitos


Bike trip to Sayulita

70km out, overnight at beach hotel, 70km back to Puerto Vallarta the next day

Mandeep’s birthday boat day…


Solo morning rides

to Boca de Tomatlan and Jardin Botánico

Day spa!

Vallarta Pride week with unicorn


Climbing to the sun

An epic 133km ride to Mayto with 2600 meters of climbing in scorching heat

John Sullivan
John Sullivan
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Postdoctoral researcher exploring research through design in the areas of music, movement, dance, and human-computer interaction.

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