The Noiseboxes

The Noiseboxes are a group of standalone embedded musical instruments that are the product of ongoing research on user-centered digital musical instrument design.

Bionic Harpist

The Bionic Harpist is a is a research-creation collaboration with harpist Alexandra Tibbitts. Building upon a previous work Gestural Control of Augmented Instrumental Performance, we present a new musical interface for the concert harp.

Design for Performance

“Design for Performance” is a project that entailed the development and execution of co-design workshops held with expert musicians to imagine novel musical instruments through design fiction.

EMI Survey

Digital musical instruments are frequently designed in research and experimental performance contexts but few are taken up into sustained use by active and professional musicians.

Gestural Control of Augmented Instrumental Performance

This research creation project explored interface design for gestural control of instrumental performance through a motion capture study and the development of new hardware and software.

Inside Out

Inside Out was a site-specific one-time multimedia installation presented as part of the Montréal en Lumière 2015 official program.

Adaptive Use Musical Instrument

AUMI - the Adaptive Use Musical Instrument - is a project that founded and directed by Pauline Oliveros. AUMI is an accessible digital musical instrument designed to allow individuals of all abilities to make music.

High Striker!

“High Striker!” was a large scale installation developed in collaboration with sculptor and intermedia artist John Carney. Based on the classic carnival game of strength and accuracy, this version was a video-based fully playable game for up to 6 people.

fourSQUARE: Death by Pop Song

An installation in collaboration with Sally Levi.

Megan Joe Wilson

R&B and neo-soul from one of Maine's finest vocalists.