When I’m not thinking about music technology and cycling, I spend a fair amount of time obsessing about different flavours: exploring the world of sustainable specialty coffee, baking sourdough breads, making hot sauce with peppers from our balcony garden, and keeping track of wines we like.


Sourdough 3: Mabel

In search of bread nirvana, lately I’ve been trying many different techniques, tools and recipes for my go-to whole wheat sourdough. One important change has been the transition from feeding the starter mostly all-purpose flour to rye flour exclusively.

Sourdough 1: Rupert

Around Christmas 2018, we started up a sourdough starter. His name was Rupert (don’t worry, Rupert lives on, just… differently…) I’ve been making many different sourdough breads ever since. My go-to is a whole wheat sourdough with a mix of white and wheat bread flours, and I’ve also made a few different rye breads, spelt, seeded breads, vegan spelt scones (not sourdough but amazingly good and highly recommended), vegan sourdough pancakes, etc.

Adaras Calizo 2018

Category: Red Grape: Garnacha Tintorera Country: Spain Region: Almansa-Albacete Price: $17.65 Organic: yes Thoughts: Very nice wine, don’t remember too much about it but quite enjoyable. Sometime we’ll remember to take the picture BEFORE we open it…

Espresso Notes

My partner and I go through a lot of coffee, even more so now that we both work at home. With every new bag of beans there is an adjustment process to dial in the perfect espresso shot.

Nieto Senetiner Malbec Reserva Mendoza

Color: Red Grape: Malbec Country: Argentina Region: Mendoza Price: $14 Thoughts: Good, very fruity but dry. Easy. Would buy it again.