Sourdough 3: Rugbrod

One of the fun aspects of working as a NIME environmental officer is getting to know my two colleagues Adam and Raul, and especially finding out that the three of us share a common interest and commitment to sourdough breadmaking, fermentation and related culinary adventures. It took only a short time for us to begin trading our favorite recipes, investigations, and results.

So this week I tried my hand at rugbrød, a traditional Danish sourdough rye bread, courtesy of Adam. There were a few small alterations: cracked rye and malt were impossible to find on short notices so I used whole rye and molasses, and I don’t have a nice squared off wooden bread mold so I used some small loaf pans I had laying around. But no matter, the results are incredibly tasty, and it was a good use of Mabel, the all rye sourdough starter I’ve been keeping around.

Nothing fancy or particularly unique about the recipe for this one, straight from the interwebs to my kitchen:

Thanks Adam for sharing!

Now on to Raul’s house made tempeh…

John Sullivan
John Sullivan
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