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India #11

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Post #11 of 11 in a series: At the end of 2017, my girlfriend and I spent a month in India. Part work, part family visit, part holidays, all an adventure. Here is a bit of what we experienced.

And so, at long last we reach the end of our holiday adventure on the beaches of Varkala. Little more needs to be said, a few languid days of sunshine, Kingfisher beer, salt on our skin and in our hair.


…and with Christmas celebrated, we made our way to the airport, back to Bangalore (stayed at the Taj this time, won’t make the same mistake twice ;), and caught our flight home early the next morning.

Back to reality...
Back to reality…

John Sullivan
John Sullivan
Postdoctoral researcher

Postdoctoral researcher exploring research through design in the areas of music, movement, dance, and human-computer interaction.

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