2024 MODINA Residency - Bucharest

CNDB. Bucharest, Romania. January to March 2024.

To start 2024, I'm collaborating with my colleague Sarah Fdili Alaoui for an artist/research residency at the National Centre for Dance Bucharest. We are creating an experimental live performance entitled "For Patricia" for two dancers and two musicians, where the music and choreography will be directed by an AI agent. The residency is part of the MODINA (Movement, Digital Intelligence and Interactive Audience) project on dance performance and technology.
I post regularly to the federated social media platform Pixelfed, and will add content to this page to record the daily sights and sounds of my time here in Bucharest.

Day 0: Arriving in Bucharest

I flew from Paris, arriving in the afternoon. Once installed into my apartment in Sector 4, I took a walk around the city to get familiar with my surroundings.

Day 1: Settling in

Time to get to work! I arrived at CNDB, my home for the next two months.

In the afternoon, I took a break to go for a run and discover Parcul Carol I nearby my home.

Day 2: CNDB

John Sullivan
John Sullivan
Postdoctoral researcher

Postdoctoral researcher exploring research through design in the areas of music, movement, dance, and human-computer interaction.

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