NIME 2021 paper accepted

Last week the NIME 2021 conference their reviews of submissions and I’m happy to say that our paper ““NIME and the Environment: Toward a More Sustainable NIME Practice” was accepted.

ECO_NIME: A wiki for sustainable NIME research

The NIME officers are happy to introduce the ECO_NIME wiki, a community-based repository information and resources about environmental sustainability in NIME research and artistic practice.

The Noiseboxes

The Noiseboxes are a group of standalone embedded musical instruments that are the product of ongoing research on user-centered digital musical instrument design.

Working towards environmental sustainability in NIME

I'm happy to be serving alongside Adam Pultz Melbye and Raul Masu as an environmental officer for the NIME conference. We have published statement on the environmental goals for planning of future NIME conferences as well as promoting sustainability in NIME research.

Surveying Digital Musical Instrument Use Across Diverse Communities of Practice

Gestural Control of Augmented Instrumental Performance: A Case Study of the Concert Harp

We present a gestural control system to augment harp performance with real-time control of computer-based audio affects and processing. While the lightweight system was designed for use alongside any instrument, our choice of the concert harp …

Stability, Reliability, Compatibility: Reviewing 40 Years of DMI Design

Despite the proliferation of new digital musical instruments (DMIs) coming from a diverse community of designers, researchers and creative practitioners, many of these instruments experience short life cycles and see little actual use in performance. …

Noisebox: Design and Prototype of a New Digital Musical Instrument

This paper documents the initial prototyping of a new digital musical instrument. Specifically, it focuses on design of the interface, and contextualizes the project through some of the existing research in the field of gestural control of new …