Espresso Notes I: Angeli

My partner and I go through a lot of coffee, even more so now that we both work at home. With every new bag of beans there is an adjustment process to dial in the perfect espresso shot. It’s far from an exact science, but seeing as we buy frequently from the same roasters I started keeping track of the metrics so I don’t have to blindly guess with each new bean.

Perhaps some day I’ll get motivated and start doing individual reviews etc., but for now I’ll just post the sheet and keep it updated.


  • Machine: Angeli (single boiler, not much info I could find on it but essentially the exact same machine as the Isomac Brio)
  • Grinder: Baratza Sette 270Wi

Shot metrics

RoasterNameOriginAlt. (m)ProcessGrind SettingIn (g)Out (g)Time
De MelloEdmond House Blend70% Brazil 30% Ethiopiawashed6G183636
DispatchIyengaTanzania1,675 - 1,900washed5H183532
DispatchLa ClaudinotaColombia?7D16
La Vieille Europe???Colombiawashed6E?173228
La Vieille EuropeColombianColombiawashed7B16.53228
Lenoir & LacroixKaffablendwashed5E?1835?28?
MonogramMoonlightBrazilSemi-washed, natural9E183627
SocialPeople’s Dailyblendwashed7A173628
StructureBrunch BlendBrazil/ Colombia1650/1000Washed, Pulped Natural9?16.53330
TrafficMarcelo Assis?BrazilNatural9D16.53732
TrafficSauvageEthiopia/ Brazil1200 - 2300Natural & Yellow Honey9C183730
ZabPepe ArguelloMexico1700washed6H183824
ZabTuma TessoEthiopia1980 - 2000washed6G183628

John Sullivan
John Sullivan
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